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What is Premium Flowers

‘Premium Flowers’ is a collaborative effort between leading Dutch floriculturists that grow various types of cut flowers. The supply of exceptional quality is what makes the individual participant the best in its category.

Premium Flowers combines the forces of all individual participants in the area of promotion, marketing and communication.

Nowadays a large share of cut flowers is traded digitally, and this holds advantages as well as disadvantages. Supply quality and security of supply are becoming even more important! Premium Flowers works with various export companies, to get its products through the marketing chain while keeping them as fresh and lovely as possible, with the necessary instructions.

Together with chain partners, Premium Flowers wants to know how the entire chain’s efficiency can be improved. For example, in the following areas: quality, transport, packaging, product innovation and the supply of information.

To allow the consumer to enjoy our flowers, grown with care and passion, to the best extent possible, and in so doing, improve the efficiency of all chain partners.

Where can you buy the products?
All products are sold through our Dutch partners and your current supplier(s). The products are not available to purchase directly from members at Premium Flowers.
Should our products not be available from your Dutch supplier then please contact us! Together we will find a solution.